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Welcome to the World of Beckflute



This a place where we share stories about music, instruments, people, and experiences. We can ask questions and get answers. A place to sing, dance,or exhale...it's your melody!




Music (Genres)



Music is universal and we ask that you share your favorite, why it is, and where we can find it on the map. (hemisphere, continent, country, state, city)


Although I enjoy all types of music my favorite is classical music and favorite composer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His violin concertos as well as symphonies (especially the D minor) are what the hype was about with the Baby Mozart series. Through personal experience, I must agree that while listening to his symphony entitled 'Elvira Madigan' or the 'Jupiter' I am able to retain the information I am reading, or studying. I will include a sample for your testing as well as listening pleasure and will set up an anonymous survey to see if it is true!





The flute is an instrument which goes back as far as time. In the biblical days of David, we find the flute. It comes from the woodwind family which are instruments which were made of or contain wood and use wind (or air blown) to produce its sound.The Native cultures of this earth, aside from the voice (which incidentally is the first instrument known to man) crafted  percussion instruments made from tree wood and animals skins. With those also came various forms of the flute.




People, like instruments come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each is unique as a fingerprint, and the diversity of our cultures, traditions, religions, and  beliefs are what make them a beauty to behold. We can share, learn, and teach one another.




Rebecca Gonzalez!


Welcome to the Class Wiki 


Group Wiki - NKRC Home Biz

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RDSeabrook said

at 10:46 am on Nov 5, 2009

Thank you for the invitation! It's interesting to hear about your love of music. Some suggestion for your this wiki: 1) Make the link to the class wiki more user-friendly by giving it another name e.g. "Link to class wiki". Use the link tool in the menu (looks like a link in a chain). 2) Include the html <SPAN> element as specified in the homework. If you are not sure how to do that see the Class Forum: http://theinternetandbusiness.wikidot.com/forum/t-194074/text-of-size#post-625615

Rebecca said

at 3:18 pm on Nov 5, 2009

HI I did the edit,source, and it did an element for the entire page. Is this correct? Except that I don't know where it is hidden. I DID save it! Thanks

RDSeabrook said

at 4:52 pm on Nov 5, 2009

See how I have inserted text at the bottom by clicking Edit, then Source, then looking at the very bottom of the page. You'll see the code there.

Rebecca said

at 10:08 pm on Nov 5, 2009

Yes thanks.

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